Domestic battery (the unlawful application of force upon the person of another) is a crime on another person with whom you have a domestic or former domestic relationship with, such as a spouse, former spouse, girlfriend, family member, etc.

Domestic battery cases are frequently occurring crimes in the Reno-Lake Tahoe area, apparently because of the mix of gaming, alcohol and drugs. You can be charged with domestic violence as a result of the slightest battery, including unwanted touching or application of force upon a person with whom you are having or have had a relationship.

Domestic battery can be a misdemeanor or felony depending upon the extent of force used. Even the slightest force used upon the person of another can result in a misdemeanor domestic battery. In domestic battery cases, you should never make any admissions of using force against the person of another. Invoke your right to remain silent pursuant to Miranda.

A conviction of domestic violence carries serious ramifications. Under federal law, if convicted of domestic violence, you are barred from owning a firearm forever and you can be prosecuted in federal court. A conviction of domestic violence often carries serious ramifications in the area of employment. Companies are reluctant to hire persons who have been convicted of domestic violence because of liability to other employees. This applies with any crime of violence, but especially with domestic battery.

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