If you possess any of the controlled substances under conditions that would indicate sales, then you can be charged with possession with intent to sell. Indications that you possessed a controlled substance for the purpose of sale include carrying the substances in separate packages, having possession of scales, or possessing large amounts of cash.

You can be charged with sales of a controlled substance if you sell, furnish, give away or transport a controlled substance. Sales, furnishing, giving away or transportation of a controlled substance normally carries a higher penalty than simple possession of a controlled substance.

You can be charged with furnishing a controlled substance by simply passing a controlled substance to another person. You can be charged with transportation of a controlled substance by merely carrying a controlled substance in your pocket as you walk across a parking lot.

In Nevada, the penalties for possession, possession for sale, sale, furnishing, giving away or transporting a controlled substance normally increase with the amount of controlled substance involved. However, in Nevada, possession of certain amounts of controlled substances can result in mandatory state prison sentences under Nevada's trafficking statutes.

Except for marijuana, simple possession of four grams or more of most controlled substances is a violation of the Level One trafficking statute and mandates at least one year and up to six years in state prison. Simple possession of 14 grams or more of most controlled substances but less than 28 grams except marijuana is a trafficking Level Two violation, with a mandatory minimum of at least two years and up to 15 years in Nevada State Prison. Simple possession of 28 grams or more of most controlled substances except marijuana is a Level Three trafficking, with a life sentence possible.

Probation is not available in trafficking cases in Nevada and, if you are convicted, you must be sentenced to at least the minimum sentence in Nevada State Prison.

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