Q. Do I need an attorney?

A. In cases where you are charged with a felony, you should never proceed without the assistance of an attorney. Despite sealing statutes, criminal convictions often stay on your record for an extended period of time and sometimes forever.

A conviction can adversely effect employment and licensing. In felony and misdemeanor cases, an experienced local attorney can help you negotiate your way through the legal process and resolve the case without a conviction or otherwise to your best advantage, while keeping your criminal record as clean as possible.

Q. What type of attorney do I need?

A. If charged with a crime, you need an experienced local criminal attorney who will provide you with straight talk concerning your case. Beware of an attorney who promises you a dismissal or acquittal without reviewing all of the facts, including the accusations in the police reports.

It is the very rare case where an attorney can honestly promise you a certain result in a case. If you want straight talk about your case, the law office of William Cole will provide you with experienced local representation and straight talk concerning what he thinks he can and cannot do for you, after reviewing all the facts involving in your case.

Contact the law office of William Cole for honest, straight talk concerning your case and experienced and effective representation to achieve the best results possible.

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