In Nevada, you can seal your records after a relatively short time in misdemeanor cases depending on the disposition of the case, and a longer period of time on felonies. If you seal your records in Nevada, you actually receive an order from the court to the effect that it is as if your conviction never occurred and you can answer in that way to anyone who asks.

In DUI and domestic violence cases you can and should seal your records 7 years after the end of your suspended sentence. It is important to take this step because in some states such as California a prior DUI conviction can be used for enhancement purposes in a subsequent case if the subsequent case occurs within 10 years of the previous case.

You should always seal your record as soon as your able because records cannot be sealed if there is a pending criminal action.

The law office of William Cole routinely seals records in Nevada of persons convicted of crimes. Call (775) 588-2800 for an evaluation of when and whether your records and be sealed and when they can be sealed.

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